Mountain Moving Faith
Mountain Moving Faith
Rachel McCutcheon - Tery Wilkins / 3/15

There was a man in the Bible named Peter
A disciple of the Lord was he
While sitting in his boat
In the middle of the storm
Jesus came walking on the sea
He said Peter get out of the boat and start walking
Peter moved when he spoke
Things changed in a moment
He became a sea Walker
Not just a man in a boat

You gotta have that sea walking
Mountain Moving Faith
Heart receiving, mind believing
Everything's gonna be okay
Step out on God's promises
And don't you be afraid
With that sea walking
Mountain moving faith

Let me tell you 'bout a friend you can call on
He's always got an answer to prayer
He said He'd never leave you
And he knows right where you are
Brother, I can tell you that He's there
Friend, all you gotta do is trust when you ask Him
And have a little faith and believe
Like the man in the boat
You'll see a miracle
Move a mountain with a mustard seed

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