Look At Me Now

Words and Music by Babbie Mason and Greg Freeman

She came to the well one day in the heat of the noon day sun
An outcast who could never atone for the things she had done 
She was used to the people's stares, rumors swirling everywhere
Caught in a vicious cycle, Bound to a life of shame

Verse plus
It was in that moment she was surprised to see a strange man
When she learned He was God's son, the water pot fell from her hand
From a spring that couldn't run dry, she drank all her soul desired
And if she were here today, this is what she would say…

Look at me now, I am forgiven
Look at me now, Everything is different
Life is changed, It's been rearranged from the inside out
I once was blind, but now I see
The Lord stopped by and laid His hands on me
This is my song, this is my story
Look at me now!

At the healing pool of Bethesda, the lame man wondered how
In his crippled condition he could ever break through the crowd
Little did he know that Christ would one day change his life
And if he were here today, this is what he would say…

The woman at the well would boldly tell everything that Jesus did
The man by the pool would testify, too, of just how good He is
But I’ve got to tell you what He did for me, He loosed my shackles and He set me free
Because of Him I am here today, and I give Him all the praise . . .

Repeat Chorus