Love Still Holds Our Scars
Love Still Holds Our Scars
Dixie Phillips, Sharon Phillips, Melanie Watson, Kenne Walker
Asheville Music Publishing / Chris White Music / BMI

Love's sweetest story was carved in a tree.
Chiseled there with just three nails for all the world to read.
A crown of thorns pierced His face.
A wooden cross marked the place,
Where Love held the scars for us.

Love still holds our scars for us,
And cries out from the Cross,
"Broken hearts can beat again,
No matter how bruised, how shattered, or marred."
Love still holds our scars.

His marks of mercy still offer sweet relief
For every soul lost and alone, drowning in grief.
Life can be a battlefield,
'Causing  wounds that just won't heal
'Til Love holds our scars for us.

And when the pain of the past makes it hard to stand,
Just place every hurt in the wounded Healer's hands.