He Welcomes The Beggar
He Welcomes the Beggar
Amber Eppinette, Kenna West, Jason Cox
Asheville Music Publishing / BMI / Chris White Music / BMI / Say Amen Music / BMI / Dayspring Music / BMI / Heartbreak and Hallelujah Music / BMI

Vs 1:
He laid by the gate 
Begging the rich man for bread 
Sores on his skin
Some said he's better off dead 
& when that day came 
Lazarus closed his eyes 
Carried by angels to Abraham's side 

Oh what a moment 
When everything changes 
Imagine the glory
The sound of the praises 
When God in his riches lavishes treasure 
& into His kingdom 
He welcomes the Beggar

Vs 2: 
To all of the poor 
The bruised, the broken like me 
There is a hope 
For the desperate, the lowly, and weak 
There's a day coming 
I'm telling you now 
We'll trade all our sorrows for a glorious crown
Blessed are the poor in spirit 
For theirs is the kingdom of Heaven