Can You Burn
Can You Burn

God’s looking for a few good men who are saved and sanctified
Never falter never fail to heed His call
Men who will keep on serving Him keep on the firing line
Who can take the heat keep standing through it all

Can you burn with the zeal that you had back then when God first saved your soul
Win the lost at any cost and help them learn
Like the bush God spoke to Moses from at the point of no return
Can you burn Christian can you burn

There’s gonna come a time one day when you have to take a stand
Don’t stay in the comfort zone with the unconcerned
Like glorified and purified through the fire by God’s own hand
Can you burn Christian can you burn

Things are gonna get real tough down here
Till the Lord says it’s enough down here
Keep the faith standing tall till the Lord’s return
When the heat of the battles raging high
When the persecution comes
Can you burn Christian can you burn