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  • Pepper Mary (Focus Track)
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  • Pepper Mary (with Pepperrock Reprise) Focus track w extended end
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  • Pepper Mary (Pepperpiano Reprise)
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  • Hallelujah (Focus World/Spiritual)
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Grammy nominee 13 HANDS returns with new single and EP, "The Legend Of Pepper Mary"
Grammy nominee, Yoga Professor and sound therapist is back with a new EP entitled, “The Legend Of Pepper Mary & Assorted Tales, Chants & Meditations”. Its the 6th offering from this very diverse and talented, rock n roll, social worker.

The new single, “Pepper Mary”, originally inspired from a Bloody Mary drink he saw on a menu turned into the concept of a modern day folk hero trying to help the world in various ways. The opening line, “Pepper Mary was a girl, who thought that she could save the world, She doesn’t speak or hear a word” immediately captures her moving plight as the song takes you on this very inspirational journey.

“It’s a positive and heartfelt tune...that’s just the way the song wrote itself” states 13 HANDS. “When I write a story song or a character narrative type tune, it can go anywhere...usually letting the energy and tempo of the music direct the lyrical mood...This was a magical one, strong in melody and I’m just really grateful that it’s finally ready to share with the world”

The single and project is impressive but humble in scope, along with the video, as it was all done on Garageband and iMovie with Steve Fallone adding his mastering touch to the final mix. There are a few alternate extended versions of the single like the “Pepperrock Reprise” version with a blistering Allman Brothers meets Radiohead like jam ending taking the song to the 9 minute mark, a beautiful Hang Drum (an instrument typically used by the band Shpongle) world chant piece called “Hallelujah” along with various Pepper Mary video versions on YouTube.

“A great team of friends and relationships in the yoga community, students and music colleagues all contributed in some way. It’s a song for the people made with the help of everyday people who truly believe in me, this song, my music and the work I do helping people with yoga and music to improve sleep, ween off of medications and improve their overall health....I’m beyond grateful and I’m committed to getting this song to the world on behalf of all these amazing people in my life...it’s a tribal effort.”

With an endless list of impressive performance credits and artists he's shared stage with along with playing over 20 instruments, I find it amazing how he keeps this all up. "Yoga, meditation and organic/raw foods...that's the fuel that feeds the body and creativity to continue to flow"

And though the elusive record deal has evaded him, knowing that support can sometimes speed up the process when breaking a song to the masses, he doesn’t seem too worried and seems trusting that everything will work out and the music will finds its way with or without the extra help. (though he admittedly states he wouldn’t mind some marketing funding or partnering, just without all the red tape, controlling the artists’ vision, rights and compromising the integrity of what’s already been built)

The overall message in the song is about freedom, respecting one another and doing right by the earth. It seems a simple message, but 13 HANDS understands that on paper it sounds simple yet in reality, it's a bit more complex when one tries to truly integrate and live from that understanding.

“We can all play in the sandbox together....but we have to share the toys though...help and invest in one another, not compete in the selfish and destructive ways we have been..ala Bernie Madoff. Pepper Mary I guess is kind of a super hero for the common, everyday person, to help inspire us to do better and to wholeheartedly embrace the idea that when we help others, a ripple effect is created that will affect the world for the better. That’s how a more supportive and collaborative society will eventually come to the forefront....and yes, I’m a tree hugging hippee...lol.”

Learn more about 13 HANDS, his music, the yoga and trauma healing work, the new EP, along with the extended versions of the Pepper Mary single and a beautiful HANG DRUM piece called “Hallelujah”

Learn more at http://13hands.com, or contact 13 HANDS / NOMADYOGA at 973-783-9642

Grammy nominated artist 13 HANDS melds the musical and spiritual worlds to promote healing.
by Susan Bloom

Natural Awakenings, North Central NJ Edition
September 7, 2011

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