Lurking Inside
Listen to me, you will see what it means to be free
I'll make your will an empty mist, it's a call you can't resist
Another night, another game, another time you're to blame
State your reason, it's a lie just like your shallow last goodbye
The morning comes, was it a dream? Nothing's ever as it seems
It's just a cloud in your mind with visions difficult to find
An icy grip chills your core cause you're mine forever more
Your secrets safe I'll never tell, but now you've earned your place in Hell
Search your soul, what do you find? That's just me lurking inside
Feel that itch deep in your mind? That's just me lurking inside
Fight me back, go ahead. It makes me stronger in the end
Like a flower meant to bloom, though seasons bring its withered doom
You say its wrong, it isn't fair? I feel your tension in the air
Well don't blame me, I'm just a guide. You're the one who chose the ride
Don't you know? Can't you see? You'd be nothing without me
I give you power, give you strength, all I ask is that you take
Refuse the gift? I'll disappear, though you know I'm always near
Search the dark side of your mind, that's just me lurking inside