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  • Darren Hincks "Another Beer And A Shot"
    Genre: Country
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  • Joanna Mosca & Richie McDonald "Where Does Good Love Go"
    Genre: Country
    MP3 (03:13) [7.37 MB]
  • Jadi Norris - "Home Is Where The Heart Is"
    Genre: Country
    MP3 (04:04) [9.31 MB]
  • Levi Riggs / "Tailgate Time"
    Genre: Country
    MP3 (03:08) [7.19 MB]
  • Jason Green / "Up In The Air"
    Genre: Country
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  • Sandy Kastel - "Indiana Rain"
    Genre: Country
    MP3 (03:39) [8.34 MB]
  • Bo Bice - "You Take Yourself With You"
    Genre: Country
    MP3 (03:52) [8.84 MB]
  • The Grascals - "Last Train To Clarksville"
    Genre: Country Americana
    MP3 (03:03) [6.98 MB]
  • Jake McVey - "Redlined and Wasted"
    Genre: Country
    MP3 (03:33) [8.14 MB]
  • Mark Wayne Glasmire - "You Opened My Eyes"
    Genre: Country Americana
    MP3 (03:47) [8.67 MB]
  • Jadi Norris - "Hail The American Soldier"
    Genre: Country
    MP3 (03:27) [7.89 MB]
  • Stevie Lee Woods - "It's Only Money"
    Genre: Country
  • Becky Schlegel - "Colorado Line"
    Genre: Americana
    MP3 (04:48) [11.47 MB]
  • Kermit Lynch - Gare de Leon
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    MP3 (03:23) [7.74 MB]
  • Mickey Utley / "Cry Like Memphis"
    Genre: Country
    MP3 (03:59) [9.13 MB]
Welcome to Airplay Specialists Radio Promotion!
Our offices are located in the heart of Nashville's Music Row. We've been successfully promoting singles to Country radio since 2002. Our clients include both indie label and major label artists. If your song is professionally recorded and 'country radio friendly' we welcome the chance to work with you.

Which Stations does Airplay Specialists call?
Airplay Specialists call 350 stations including the 100 stations that report to the Music Row Chart, plus 250 Secondary non-reporting stations ranging in size from 1,000 to 100,000 watts (with retail impact). Included in our database is a mix of New Music Weekly stations, Texas Chart stations (the ones that play artists from all regions), Americana stations (the ones that include country music in their mix) and a select group of Indicator stations.

Secondary stations don't report to the charts but they are extremely important with regard to breaking new artists, selling music, and touring opportunities. Major market stations play mostly major label artists and in recent years have become less likely to play new acts, especially new indie acts. Therefore, small markets are more essential than ever for career development...they can also account for a large percentage of music sales. 55% of all country listeners live in small market regions of the country. 86% of Country music is sold because of the country radio station in the local (Secondary) market. Bottom line: Secondary radio sells CDs and downloads!

My single is on AirPlay and on CDX and all those stations have my song, so they're automatically playing it, right? Not necessarily. If you have a track on the CDX compilation disc, it's usually one of ten or more and, AirPlay Direct has over 30,000 artist members. Radio stations give priority to the artists and labels they're familiar with. Indie artists CAN receive airplay on these stations but it's not automatic. When stations are deciding which new artists to add to their playlists, the artist with the advantage is the one that has a professional radio promoter calling music directors (MDs) and program directors (PDs) on their behalf, encouraging those stations to give that artist priority attention and AIRPLAY.

Why do I need a radio promoter and what do they do?
MDs and PDs are inundated weekly with dozens of new singles from artists competing for airtime and spins. Thaty's why they rely on the recommendation of professional radio promoters to help them select the best tracks. Stations also appreciate the fact that if an artist is serious enough about their career to hire a professional promoter to represent them, then that artist deserves a serious listen. In radio, the squeaky wheel DOES get the grease. Our job at Airplay Specialists is to "squeak" for you and your single and to consistently bring it to the attention of programmers week after week. Our first objective is to get them to LISTEN. Our second objective is to get them to test it with their listeners and then to continue to ADD more spins each week.

We work proudly in association with AirPlay Direct to deliver broadcast quality MP3s of our clients' music, not only to our Airplay Specialists database, but GLOBALLY to AirPlay Direct Radio Station Members. The Airplay Specialists Digital Sampler on features music from many of our clients.

What are the benefits of national and global airplay at radio?
As stated above, even if you're track is on AirPlay Direct and CDX, what good does it do if no one knows who you are, where you're from, where listeners can purchase your music and, most importantly, WHICH STATIONS ARE PLAYING YOUR SINGLE...? Airplay Specialists provide a weekly Music Row station report and a bi-monthly Secondary progressive radio tracking report (on the 15th and the 30th of each month). Our detailed report includes:
1) Call letters, city, and state, of each station
2) Which stations are playing your track
3) How many spins/rotation level is your song receiving
4) Wattage (how many watts) each station has
5) General marketing region of each station

The accumulated data on your Airplay Specialists report is extremely useful when booking tour dates and can also determine priority placement of your CD in the marketplace, resulting in increased retail sales and better SoundScan reports in those regions.

How does Airplay Specialists acquire the reports?
We are on the phones Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every week of the year (except the week between Christmas and New Year's Day). We've nurtured our relationship with the stations that we've been calling since 2002, that's why we're able to acquire the necessary information regarding the status of your single. We provide them with news regarding your career, tour dates, TV appearances, etc. We also encourage them to schedule phone interviews and/or live in-studio interviews with you, as well as special promotion product give-aways featuring your CDs, T-shirts, concession items, etc.

How does it work and how much does it cost?
We are competitively priced at $1,000.00 per month. A typical promotion campaign is approximately four months. Our fee includes all 350 stations that we call including, the Music Row reporting stations, Secondary non-reporting country stations, Americana stations, New Music Weekly stations, and Texas stations.

We provide our clients the convenience of paying monthly, in advance, if preferred. We accept payment via all major credit cards (except American Express) or via check, money order, cashiers check, and cash. For additional information please call our toll-free number in Nashville: 1-877-999-9975 or local (615) 321-0033. Email:

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"Radio Creds" are votes awarded to artists by radio programmers who have downloaded their music and have been impressed with the artist's professionalism and the audience's response to the new music. Creds help artists advance through the AirPlay Direct community.

Only radio accounts may add a Radio Cred. One week after the track has been downloaded the radio account member will receive an email requesting a Cred for each artist they've downloaded.