Blue's Back In Town
This is my Ep debut as singer at the front of my own band. During the last years I've been playing as lead guitar of several European Rockabilly artists. Since the begining of this year I've decided to go on my own with the release of our first EP titled Blue┬┤s Back In Town. This work is the first of a serie of three Ep's that will ends with the release of a CD edition, everything published with El Toro Records.

It has been a long work of composition, producing and recording this EP. I always bet for a rather crude sound, I don't like the slap on the bass or the effects like Delay or Reverb, even though they are analog, for that reason the sound of this EP have been made in this way. It has been recorded at Geek Studio, (Madrid), mixed at Moma Musicstudio (Valencia) and mastered in the heart of Music Row, at mastering studios Georgetown Masters, Nashville, TN by one of the best mastering engineers at the moment. Artists such as Willie Nelson, Chet Atkins, Johnny Cash, June Carter, Sonny Burges, Vince Gill, Merle aggard,Johnny
Horton, George Jones, Jerry Lee Lewis, Tammy Wynette, Charlie Rich or Carl Perkins, mastered their works at this classic masters studio.

The vinyl record artwork and the video clip of our first single Blues's Back In Town has been produced, realized and assembled by one of the best photographers and graphic artists of our country in this style the sensational Antonio Alay, where he has left his impront with the crudeness of the planes and tones.

My influences are Hank Garland, Grady Martin, Eddie Hill, Johnny Horton,Eddie Bond, etc... and everything about the
original guitar and Roots Music styles.