Come 2 The Front
Chorus: Amu Uso

I put down my blunt
and my glass
To see you up there shaking that ****
I come to the front
with my ones
and throw them all out
if you're working with some(thing)

Verse 1: Ammo
When Freik Mobb is in the club
we keep it poppin the best
the Soft Touch was on hit
so we skipped to the slip
what's good ma
I'll slide you a dub
just keep shaking that ****
while I roll up this good
I already know she's tipsy
because I slid her a mikey
ten seconds and lil' momma
is coming out of those Vickies
and if she
come off some dome
I'll silde her a 50
It's all good cuz the pimpin' is in me
if these cats wanna trip
when I'm toting a semi
cuz I been sipping on Hypnotic and Remi
and lil' momma got my mind
on a mission
she been riding me so long
it feels like an adventure
so won't you go and pop a pill
and come a chill with a tipper


Verse 2: Blu Streets
I'll break a hundred bill
down to all Georges
I love to see that **** naked
you're looking gorgeous
but you gotta work hard for it
cuz I might sip a little bit
but you gotta have a China Brown ****
with some diamonds for stories
girl pop that ****
show me you can work it
get off that stage
lets get that ticket
hit that room
and let me get that mouth out you
she take it all
and she ain't quittin
she calls Blu Streets daddy
I help out with tuition
I do a little Soft Touch
a tad of Pink Slip
at the bar I'm a star
I do a whole lot of sipping
freaks come out at night
and it's 1:10
leave out at six in the morning
and go back in


Verse 3: Kris Kringle
**** floppin
asses droppin
ladies layin on their back
with their **** poppin
how much she hitting for
for some of that brain
I hear she do some strange
things for change
toot your botty up
and keep your head down
let me see you wobble that mutha f^^&
until you hear it break down...umm
bend it over baby
touch them toes
while your girl slides down the pole
Blu Streets said earlier you're gorgeous
but gottdamn that mu'fuca ridiculous
**** fatter than a horses
and i'm wondering damn can I afford ya
whip out the phone while you domin'
and record us

Chorus: Amu Uso