(Wesley Whatley / William Schermerhorn)
©Magic Kitchen Music / Ghent Road Music Publishing (ASCAP)

Shepherd, do you hunger?
Wise man, what do you seek?
Do you long for signs of wonder
’Though the earth is dark and bleak?
Do you know what you will find here
As from field and throne you roam?
Humble shepherd. Noble wise man.
Find your home.

Raise your eyes
To the skies
And behold the light
On a night like none before.
Hear the song
Of the throng
That proclaims great joy
For the boy whom we adore.
In a cave
His love gave a precious gift
That can lift the weary soul.
Open wide that heavenly door.
Praise His name for evermore!
Gloria! Gloria in excelsis deo!

Shepherd, are you puzzled
By the babe born here today?
Wise man, are you troubled
By a babe born in the hay?
He’s both shepherd and the King of Kings
Sleeping by the ox and cart.
Humble shepherd. Noble wise man.
Find your heart.

Raise your eyes…