I Believe
(Wesley Whatley / William Schermerhorn)
© Fuzzy Muppet Songs
Administered by Walt Disney Music Company

What makes a miracle?
What makes a Christmas dream come true?
How can a man in red
Now change the world I thought I knew?
How can there be miracles
If hearts are filled with doubt?
It’s time I leave my doubt behind
And find what life’s about.

I believe in a wondrous place
He calls the imagination.
I believe in his childhood world
Of hope and celebration.
I believe in the miracle of love because
Oh, yes! I believe in Santa Claus.

It’s no easy feat on a city street
To touch a weary heart.
But in my heart the dream begins;
And the miracle will start!

I believe…

In snowflakes, angels, sleigh bells ringing,
Lights that twinkle, children singing.

I believe in Santa Claus.
I believe.