Santa Doesn't Like Me
(Matthew Sklar / William Schermerhorn)
© Ghent Road Music Publishing (ASCAP)
Matthew Sklar Music (ASCAP)
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Santa doesn’t like me.
December winds grow cold.
What’s happened to the jolly elf
From the stories I was told?
Santa doesn’t like me.
I’m not sure what to blame.
Oh, how I miss those rosy cheeks
And each new reindeer game.

The big guy may have heard me
Say “His wife is too fat!”
I’m just concerned about her health,
What’s so wrong with that?

Santa doesn’t like me.
The stocking’s limp and bare.
My winter nights are silent;
There’s no “jingle” in the air.
Santa doesn’t like me.
He’s lost my home address.
I’m sure my name now tops his list.
Naughty or nice? Well, guess!

No more late night visits.
No gifts wrapped with a bow.
I’ll save on milk and cookies,
But, oh!
I long for “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

Santa doesn’t like me.
No need to pop a gasket.
I’m countin’ down the days to spring
And that bunny with the basket.
Santa doesn’t like me?
Well, dear Mr. C.,
Just remember those December chats
Beneath my Christmas tree.