I Want To Play Santa
(Wesley Whatley /William Schermerhorn)
© Magic Kitchen Music / Ghent Road Music Publishing (ASCAP)

I look around
And I’m so grateful
For the many gifts that I receive.
Oh, but I look around
And this year, darling,
There’s just one gift I want
This Christmas Eve:

I want to play Santa
All through the year.
I want to bring a little comfort;
Spread a whole lot of cheer.
It’s time I lend a hand
Throughout this great, big land.
I really, really need to play Santa.

By the light of summer sunshine;
In the crisp autumn chill;
Come every spring, I’ll do my thing
To bring goodwill.
Watch me fill up all the stockings
When and where I can.
Hey! I may not drive a sleigh,
But I can still be the man!

I want to play Santa
The whole year long.
I want to see all children happy;
Help them grow big and strong.
I can share this gift with you:
Let’s make some dreams come true.
We really, really need to play Santa.

Share a gift from the heart
And let’s do our part.
We really, really need to play Santa!