Clean Slate
Standing on the water’s edge, ankle deep in mud
This time I’m really gonna do it, cause I got my courage up
This will take care of my misery, and the pain that I have brought
Ain’t nobody gonna miss the man I was, me least of all

Gonna let the river wash my sorrow away, away
When the un comes up tomorrow, be a better day, better day

For a minute I have second thoughts the water is so cold
But I get a warm and peaceful feeling the deeper down I go
All I can think of is my mamma and how she would have loved to see the preacher grab the color of my shirt, and a brand new man come up

Cause all my life I’ve wondered, up and down a troubled path
I can’t walk it any longer, gonna turn around and not look back
Gonna start with a clean slate

Gonna let the river wash my sorrows away, away