Valentine BLues
Written by M.R. Keck in 1982 and released on his own "Whiplash Gumbo" CD in 1997. I have always liked this song, and feel it one of his best compositions. Last year I asked for and got permission to sing this one and release it on this album. It was originally recorded on 16-track and nothing has been done to change the original recording. Bassist John Davies and drummer Porky Hill were the rhythm section for the Cate Brothers, and did most of "Whiplash Gumbo's" bass and drum tracks during that period of time. Blues guitarist extrordinaire Coco Montoya (Blind Pig Records) kindly consented to do the solo work. He walked in to the studio carrying his Strat and a Fender Twin and set his gear up as we played the rhythm track. He tuned his guitar on the second pass, and then we hit the RECORD button on the third pass as he was warming up. Third times a charm! None of us wanted to do anything over after hearing that take. He was in and out in 30 minutes. My thanks to M.R. Keck for allowing me to do this tasty blues tune!