Valentine BLues
"Valentine Blues"
(M.R. Keck - 1982 ©Wild Hog Music)

Well I've been gettin' used to the lonelys,
For quite some time
But lately I've been thinkin' about
A one and only.... all mine
Now I don't need no wife
I can't invest too much time
But I just want to find
A 20th Century Valentine

You can be my lady
You can come and stay
At least until the magic wears off
Then I'll send you away
In our relative partings
I won't be so crude or spline
I'll thank you for the time
That you were my valentine

Now I don't think that you can do me
But you're free to try
'Cause I don't know how it feels
To be this so-called satisfied
But you know I'll keep on searchin'
Until the end of time
Somewhere I know I'm gonna' find
My Valentine
Now, won't you be my valentine
Won't you be my valentine
I just wanna' be your valentine