We All Are Part Of The Problem
This one was recorded originally on 8-track during the "Paperkid" sessions. The basic drum track is a sequence composed on a Mattell SynDrum toy. I had half the lyrics written before the music was ever composed. My inspiration was watching CNN's World News Report (a great place for gathering depressing news of the day). It seemed that everybody was fighting everybody else in the world. Randy Burden of "Paperkid" was hangin out after a session and we were fooling around with his new Roland 707 guitar synth. We wrote and performed the basic reference track on the spot. He added two slappin' bass tracks and the funky rhythm guitar within fifteen minutes. I later added percussion tracks with the Roland SPD-11 and some synth key parts after the original tape was converted to 24-track. Very little has been done to the original track.