We All Are Part Of The Problem
"We Are All Part Of The Problem"
(Bob Ketchum)

As I sit and watch TV on my giant 6-foot screen,
I ponder all the problems that our country has us in;
It seems as if there's unrest from all corners of the nation,
as the military complex claims another generation.

1400 F-18's at 40 billion dollars,
The toys of war are not so cheap as long as no one hollers;
It's like the man who has a gun and says he'll never use it,
just as sure as trouble smells, he'll be searching for his shells
and can't wait for the option to misuse it.

We are all part of the problem, and it's plain as day to see,
The threats are getting closer, why do we let it be;
We are all part of the problem, and just some of us are free,
We can't lock away our feelings and just throw away the key.


People what is wrong with us, what the hell is wrong,
There's a storm in every country, there's a right to every wrong;
We are living in the shadow of a feeling that was strong
Where's the feeling, what's the meaning, people what the hell is wrong.

We are living in the city,
We are living in the country,
We are living, we are dying,
We are lying to ourselves.