When your bills pile up and you don't know what to do
Lay in bed every night and it gets the best of you
Like a big black cloud, hangin' over your life
You toss and turn until you wake up the wife

I'm 90 days late and my house payments' due
I got two teenagers and their car payments too
My mind's overloadin' with everything I owe
I even hate the lawn 'cause I know I need to mow

STRESS- I gotta' lot of pain
STRESS- Like a ball and chain
STRESS- Ties my stomach in a knot
STRESS- It's as heavy as a rock

I couldn't eat dinner 'cause the pain's still there
Like a hundred hamburgers cooked medium rare
Got a pain in my chest and I'm wide awake
I'm itchin' all over and I'm startin' to shake

The car's runnin' rough and the tire just blew
Got a second extension on the power bill, too
Can't stand the pressure and I wanna' give in
Gonna' get a casket, lemme' take her for a spin

STRESS- Takes me to the limit
STRESS- I can't seem to dim it
STRESS- Got me eatin' chop suey
STRESS- Still playin' "Louie Louie"

I lay in bed and stare up at the ceiling
I'm having nightmares and I'm rockin' & reeling
Rubbing' my chest to try and make it go away
I'm wide awake 'till I see the light of day

Tryin' to sleep but the phone keeps ringin'
just dozed off but the doorbells' dingin'
backin' up a project and the power's gone down
just makes me feel like I wanna' leave town

STRESS- Keeps my stomach churnin'
STRESS- I can feel the acid burnin'
STRESS- I know how to do it
STRESS- Take a chainsaw to it

Got a shut-off notice on the telephone bill
Glasses need changed and some teeth to fill
The wife wrecked her car over 50 miles away
and the drive-up window just closed for the day

My credit card's full and the plumbing needs repair
I need a bigger belt and I'm losin' my hair
I'm old and tired and past 51
And to top it all off I got a brand, new son

STRESS- Don't let it get to ya'
STRESS- It'll really screw ya'
STRESS- It'll take you right down
STRESS- wind up in the ground
STRESS- you just gotta' fight it
STRESS- if there's a wrong ya' gotta' right it
STRESS- piles up every day
STRESS- it goes a long, long way