Without Trouble Please
Without Trouble Please
Words and Music by Donna Ulisse
Key of Bb

Sing me a sweet song
It’s too early in the morning and a clear, fine day is dawning
Don’t you fly up in my tree with nothin’ sad little birdie
Sing a sweet song

Paint me a blue sky
Help this shade of pink move over so the sun can hit my shoulders
Don’t be sending in a gray cloud full of rain
I’m a hopin’ for a blue sky

I need
A chance to catch my breath
A little rest, a little time to take it easy
Grant me
A sweet twenty four hours without trouble please

Send in a cool breeze
Make the grass roll like an ocean, put the maple leaves in motion
Sweep across my face just like a gentle kiss
Could you send a little cool breeze

Give me a good day
One without a bunch of worries so my thoughts won’t have to hurry
Let me sneak on through without a single trial
I’m a callin’ for a good day