Whatever Winter Brings
Whatever Winter Brings
Written by Donna Ulisse (key of G)

It’s a wonder I’m still around
Cause I’ve been reckless too many times to count
Thought my season would be forever spring
So I’m not ready for whatever winter brings

Here’s another shiny silver hair
I swear yesterday it wasn’t hanging there
And I feel slowing down I can’t explain
Must be a part of whatever winter brings

My mirror tries to help me with the truth
Of who I am today
I’ve tried to hold off time but it’s tellin’ me
I need to act my age
‘Cause there’s no way I can stay the same
And Lord knows, I’m afraid to change a thing
I can’t cover up enough to stop the chill
And whatever winter brings

I talk to Jesus and he knows I’m scared
I need forgiveness or I ain’t got a prayer
Cause I live where dyin’ rules and fear is king
And I can’t outrun whatever winter brings