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  • Sacred Purification
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    MP3 (06:06) [13.95 MB]
  • Celestrial Journey
    Genre: Metal
    MP3 (05:59) [13.69 MB]
  • Fulfilling My Dreams
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    MP3 (05:39) [12.93 MB]
  • Midnight Funk
    Genre: Metal
    MP3 (04:08) [9.46 MB]
  • Sacred Smoke
    Genre: Metal
    MP3 (05:21) [12.23 MB]
  • Looking Through Eagle Eyes
    Genre: Metal
    MP3 (04:49) [11.03 MB]
  • Delusions of Paradise
    Genre: Metal
    MP3 (07:16) [16.63 MB]
  • Visions of the Deep
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    MP3 (12:09) [27.81 MB]
  • True Colors - Remixed -2009
    Genre: Instrumental
  • True Colors - Remixed -2009
    Genre: Instrumental
McPherson 12 string acoustic guitar
Music has a power that is often misunderstood, even by those who craft it. This power is built by the emotions of the players, transferred to the instruments or vocal chords, and when it leaves their bodies, either as instrumental or vocal music, it is transformed into a part of their own personalities and placed into the minds of the audience. We all have experienced this many times…

Have you ever felt emotion from a song and had it overwhelm your senses? How many times have you heard people speak of “their” music, meaning the music of a particular performer, that the speaker uses to get to a special emotional place?

The musical creations of Paul Underwood have much power as you will find out from spending time with it… Listen to the smooth patterns of musical silk as they waft in and out of your ears…experience the cry of his people as they are brought to life in his songs…be the music as it becomes you… open your hearts, minds and ears to the wonder of Exitwound and Paul Underwood…

About Exitwound:

Sometimes life events have a way of changing people. In 2002, that is what happened to Paul Underwood, creator of EXITWOUND. Standing at a cross road in his life he realized the gift he was born with and the potential of using it. The changes he made in his life and with the creation of his music brought about many changes for him both personally and professionally.

The music of EXITWOUND is filled with raw emotion which evolved during the healing of old wounds for Paul. His music is called “Cool Trance Metal” which many have compared to Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Robin Trower and Micki Free, yet has set a standard of his own and the world of heavy metal has began taking notice.

His first album “The Native Axeman Cometh” in 2006 was a huge hit when first released. It was submitted to “The Native American Music Awards” ( nammys ) For “Debut Artist of the Year”, “Best Instrumental Recording” for The Native Axeman Cometh, “Best Rock Recording” for The Native Axeman Cometh, “Best Producer” for The Native Axeman Cometh, “Record of the Year” for The Native Axeman Cometh, “Song of the Year” for Looking Through the Eagle Eyes, and “Songwriter of the Year” for The Native Axeman Cometh. He was officially nominated for “Debut Artist of the Year” and “Best Instrumental Recording” for 2007. He was also a guest presenter for “Best Blues category at the 2007 Nammys. Paul was also one of the national advisory members of The Nammys in 2007 and 2008.

His most recent album “After the Storm” like his first has steadily been gaining attention within the music industry, fans and other musicians. He is currently exploring the possibility of recruiting other musicians for a small 2010/2011 tour to coincide with the release of some new music. We expect EXITWOUND will break out within “mainstream” America at any time and it will be a refreshing welcome to the heavy metal world.

When not working on his music or performing he works with the elderly and children within his community where he and his wife have taken in some of the children as their own. Paul Underwood is Northern Cheyenne residing in Billings, Montana.

2007 "Debut Artist of the Year" Nominee
2007 "Best Instrumental Recording" of the Year Nominee

2008 "Best Male Artist” Nominee


The Native Axeman:

I have been playing guitar since I was 10 years old. I’m totally self-taught on all the instruments that I play; I have spent the last 6 years creating the music of Exitwound. 1000’s of hours of practice, 7 days a week.

I had to prove a point to some people: That if you have the will, talent, and drive, you can do something huge. Don’t let anyone tell you “that you cannot do it” for I’m living proof that it can be done. I was given a very unique gift of creating music. The style that I have, people do not hear in today’s music world. My style is totally different than anyone else’s. Enjoy!

I now welcome you to my world of “Exitwound”
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    Paul Underwood
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    Paul Underwood aka Exitwound
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    Hendrix, Satriani, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robin Trower
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