The Bugler
“The Bugler” is a Civil War story about a bugle boy, who left home at a young age to join the Army as a bugler, in search of his father, who never returned from battle. Young Willie disappeared, himself, and never returned and his mother has searched endlessly to find him. They finally do reunite at a camp on one of the many battlegrounds his mother searched. The songwriter leaves it up to the listener as to whether Willie lived on...or his ghost still haunts the battlegrounds of the Great Smokey Mountains.

“The Bugler” was written by Tom Holt of the Wildwood Valley Boys and features the lead and harmony vocals of Tom Feller and Chris Hill. The name "Willie" may have been inspired by a family member, Uncle Willie Gabbard, who served in the military during World War II. Tom indicated he wrote the song to sound like something very old, even though the song is brand-new and previously unrecorded.

Produced by Feller and Hill, “The Bugler” contains performances by Tom Feller (Guitar, Mandolin and Bass) and Chris Hill (Banjo) with special guest Glen Duncan on fiddle.