I’m Almost Home - Steve Gulley
I’m Almost Home – Steve Gulley
(Steve Gulley, Tim Stafford)
Gulley’s Curve Music BMI/Daniel House Music BMI

“In times of peace, sons bury fathers. In times of war, fathers bury sons.” – Herodotus

Theodrick “Tod” Carter was the tenth child of Fountain and Mary Carter and grew up in the quiet village of Franklin, Tennessee. In the Spring of 1861, Tod left a promising law career to follow his older brother into the Confederate Army. Tod’s love of adventure led him to thrive in the army, and he quickly became Captain Carter. In 1864, Tod found himself only a few miles from home. Energized by the thought of seeing his family, Carter volunteered to lead the 20th Tennessee Infantry in a charge toward the Union lines entrenched just south of Franklin, shouting “follow me boys, I’m almost home!” Tod was mortally wounded in the battle yards from his doorstep. His father found him, and after three years away from home, he died in his front parlor surrounded by his family.