I’m Almost Home - Steve Gulley
Song Lyrics

The tenth child born in the early spring, never wanted for much of anything
Most of his life had things his way, ’til black and white turned blue and gray
A volunteer soon deployed, just another sandy haired rebel boy
Tennessee born and bred, southern blood gladly shed

A thousand miles and a thousand days
Brought him back here to this place
Where once in simpler times he roamed
“Follow me boys, I’m almost home!”

Heard the news from John Bell Hood, the federal boys are up to no good
Dug in deep on Columbia Pike, Won’t give it up without a fight
He jumped up on his dapple gray, volunteered to lead the fray
With sabre high and a rebel yell, c’mon boys, let’s give ’em hell

Huddled in the basement there, sound of cannons filled the air
Never once did it cross their minds, their youngest son on the field they’d find
From this world of sorrow torn, in the very house where he was born
As his father said, “You’ve done your best,” he drifted off and took his rest

CHORUS: (Repeat)