A Picture Of Three Children 3:21 Russell Moore
A Picture of Three Children – Russell Moore
(Paula Breedlove, Mark “Brink” Brinkman)
Paulajon Music – ASCAP/Mark Brinkman Songs – BMI

“…upon this picture his eyes, set in death, rested. The last object upon which the dying father looked was the image of his children…” -“Whose Father Was He?” The Philadelphia Inquirer Oct. 19, 1863

In the October 19, 1863 edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer, an article entitled “Whose Father Was He?” described in detail a picture of three children, all under age ten, that was found clutched in the hand of an unknown soldier killed three months prior in the Battle of Gettysburg. Dr. J. Francis Bourns was determined to find the family. This type of photograph, called an ambrotype, could not be printed in newspapers, so the description was circulated far and wide until it was fatefully read by a woman in Portville, NY. Philinda Humiston recognized the picture of her children Franklin, Alice and Frederick, and knew then that her husband, Amos Humiston, would not be returning home from war.