The Legend Of Jennie Wade 3:16 Lonesome River Band
Song Lyrics

Jennie Wade was in the middle of a town tore all apart
Waiting for a true love who would always have her heart
Jack was wounded in Virginia where a rebel shot him down
His dying wish to send a letter back to her in his hometown

He found comfort in a childhood friend who’d joined the southern cause
He was ordered on to Gettysburg to hold the Union soldiers off
and promised Jack he’d deliver his last words to Jennie’s hand
but on a hill above that little town he died making a stand

Now Jennie Wade – still lived with hope in Gettysburg
Waiting for the soldier who was never coming home to her
She never knew – her boy in blue would not come back
Cause Jack’s letter lay lost in a fallen rebel’s sack

Though some wore blue and some wore gray, each night they were in her prayers
And she kept the bread a bakin’ so they’d not die hungry there
Till a stray sharp shooter’s blast found her kitchen door
She was gone before she knew what hit her, gone forever more

CHORUS: (Repeat), Instrumental, CHORUS: (Repeat)

Cause that letter lay lost in a fallen rebel’s sack