Providence Spring 3:34 Tim Stafford
Song Lyrics

Life was hell on earth in a deadly Georgia prison
Where the stench of death could break the strongest soldiers will
For those union men the reaper showed no mercy
For few survived the agony of Andersonville

For thirty thousand men it was standing room only
With no shelter from the burning sun or pouring rain
One wretched stockade creek, the only source of water
Left union soldiers dying in misery and pain

Till Providence Spring flowed like magic through that prison
They drank their fill while listening to the rumbling waters sing
In the face of deep despair hope was finally there
In those pure healing waters of Providence Spring

One day a storm cloud moved across the walls of that prison
One loud clap of thunder roared and lightning struck the ground
From that spot there flowed a pure and sparkling fountain
That quenched the thirst of many till freedom came around

CHORUS: (Repeat)