Old John Burns 2:48 Rickey Wasson; Dwight McCall
Song Lyrics

John L. Burns was older than the hills
And a veteran of the War of 1812
When Lincoln asked for Union volunteers
He’d already served his country well.

That brave soul in 1861
Was the first in line to join the Union cause
But they called him a man too old to serve
They didn’t see the fighting man he was.

Old John Burns he was a tough old bird
Born to hold a musket in his hands
Old John Burns left them with these words
“You haven’t seen the last of this old man”!

At Gettysburg in 1863
Old John picked up his musket one more time
When that war came to his Pennsylvania town
He proved his worth there on the battle line.

CHORUS: (Repeat)

That old rifleman would stand and fight
Right beside that brave Iron Brigade
It took three Rebel guns to bring him down
Yet death would have to come some other day.

CHORUS: (Repeat)