The Lady In Gray 2:52 Ronnie Bowman
The Lady in Gray – Ronnie Bowman
(Mark “Brink” Brinkman, Mike Evans & Paula Breedlove)
Mark Brinkman Songs – BMI /Paulajon Music ASCAP

“With so much heartache and loneliness in its past, it is no wonder that Camp Chase cemetery has witnessed a long history of strange occurrences.” – Dr. Von Zuko, author

In Columbus, Ohio, Camp Chase served as a Confederate prison camp where the lives of over 2000 soldiers were ended by disease and malnutrition from the notoriously poor conditions. The majority of these men were buried in the prison cemetery. According to legend, the spirit of a young woman in a gray traveling dress haunts the cemetery, pausing to cry over the grave of the Unknown Soldier and marker number 223, belonging to Benjamin F. Allen of the 50th Tennessee Infantry Regiment, Company D. To this day, the mournful weeping of the Lady in Gray can be heard at night behind the locked iron cemetery gates, and fresh flowers mysteriously appear on the tombstone of her lost love, Benjamin.