Last Day At Vicksburg 2:58 Bradley Walker
Song Lyrics

In eighteen sixty-three, on the ninth day of July
In the Mississippi delta, my great, great grandpa died
Andrew Jackson Andrews stood and faced the call
In The War Between The States where so many men would fall

In Talladega County, in March of sixty-two
The time had come to join the fight against the Union Blue
Alabama’s 31st stood eleven-hundred strong
An infantry that proudly fought to defend their Southern home

His last day at Vicksburg, he looked battle worn
His suit of gray was faded, dirty, stained and torn
He never fired a single shot that final July day
His last day at Vicksburg, they carried him away

History tells the story of Vicksburg under siege
Forty-seven days of dying from gunshot and disease
They must have thought they walked straight through the gates of hell
Down on the Mississippi, the day that Vicksburg fell


On a hot, July morning, his young life slipped away
’Cause his pride would not be challenged while he wore his suit of gray
His last day at Vicksburg, they carried him away