In The Park (Featured Track)
Contact Information:
Jamie Gage/Music Mountain Productions
(802) 318-7799

Songwriter: Jamie Gage
Publisher: Earth Turns Publishing/ASCAP

Song Background:
"In the Park" was created in honor of the many grassroots political movements in the United States becoming common since 2001, and especially the Occupy Movement of 2012. Contrasting Wall Street hyper-capitalists - the 1%'ers - with common Americans on Main Street (or Zuccotti Park) - the song also depicts several female literary and cultural figures like Georgia O'Keefe, Alice in Wonderland, and revolutionary geishas.

Produced by Kristina Stykos
Recorded & mixed by Kristina Stykos at Pepperbox Studio, Chelsea VT
Mastered by Lane Gibson, Lane Gibson Recording and Mastering, Charlotte VT

*A portion of the proceeds from "Earth Turns" will be donated to the Vermont FoodBank


Vocals: Jamie Gage
Guitar, Bass: Kristina Stykos
Djembe: Jeff Berlin
Trumpet: Gary Hubbard