The Water Is Rising (Featured Track)
The water is rising: it’s up to my knees
Winter is a long time to watch rising seas
My days are a chained link, my nights are much worse
Redemption’s a swan song, to the people I hurt.

Will you wait at the gate for me tomorrow?
Will you wait on the other side for me?
Will you wait in the arms of another?
Will you wait till the end of history?

If love is the answer that makes it all clear,
Throw open your doors, baby, throw out the fear
The water is rising: It’s up to my chest
The sky has come burning, pouring down - put love to the test.

We ride by the music, we hide from the strife
But it’s live free or die, man - make sense of your life.
The water is rising: it’s up to my face
My mind is a drum now, my eyes see the whole human race
…and they’re falling and they’re calling….