Georgetown Boor **NEW - 11/18!
Contact Information:
Jamie Gage/Music Mountain Productions
(802) 318-7799

Songwriter: Jamie Gage
Publisher: Earth Turns Publishing/ASCAP

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Song Background:
A song written during the Supreme Court nomination hearings in September 2018. I found it very odd as I watched the televised hearings and news coverage that nearly everyone involved believed at least some of the sexual assault allegations from the primary victim were true, and yet the candidate was still nominated in a kind of hurry-up offensive, with his last testimony demonstrating a bitter and vitriolic, un-judgelike nature. Somehow through all of this I heard a song coming together.

When I brought it to Bow Thayer at his studio in Gaysville VT, I had two versions - one upbeat, and another more somber, with a march-like cadence. Together with his longtime drummer Jeff Berlin, we decided on the slowed-down, more urgent ‘funeral dirge version’ - as Bow called it - and we set to work. Immediately, Jeff provided a forceful backbeat – urgent but not insistent – to complement the guitar and vocals, and created a wonderful and ominous outro. Later, when we recorded the organ parts, Bow reinforced the lyrics perfectly with a whirling carnival edginess and then added lush bass and guitar parts to make the song complete.

Produced by Bow Thayer
Recorded & mixed by Bow Thayer and Matt Lillie
Mastered by Matt Lillie, Soundtown Studios, Stockbridge, VT


Jamie Gage: vocals, guitar
Bow Thayer: organ, bass, guitar
Jeff Berlin: drums