Georgetown Boor **NEW - 11/18!
Cherry blossoms on the DC mall
Turn to ashes at the break of fall.
Silent Abe and gentle George
Rising up like a battle sword.

Mmm mmm....

Daddy told me it would be all right-
that ‘We the people’ would uphold the night,
but evil feeds inside the good -
Until we stand where Mary stood,

...I’m Shackled to a wall…
had enough!

Women crying out to just be heard,
MeToo# is a dream deferred -
with 16 candles in a kitchen drawer
Christine’s beneath a Georgetown boor…

Shackled to a wall…

Trying to find our way back through the dark.
The road is all blackwater and hashmarks.
But the river is a vision to believe -
So open up your heart, and you’ll see…