Back to Frostproof (3:39)
From the album Halfway to Tennessee

Written and Performed by Kristen Barkuloo (ASCAP)
Publishing - Kristen Barkuloo Music (ASCAP)
Release Date 7/21/2013
ISRC - QM-H7W-13-00004
Album UPC - 884501929653

You always seemed
A little rough around the edges
I bet you didn’t know
I always saw you that way
It’s kinda bittersweet
To think someone could be so naive
But I don’t suppose you
Really knew me anyway

I think that I’ll go back to Frostproof
To one of those small towns
I know you never knew
For a city boy,
You sure did know how to pretend
But now I think that I’ll
Go back to Frostproof again

I can practically see her
Holding your hand
But you’ll both be standing
On the other side of the room
You know you come to mind so easily
Well, at least you did back then
I’d made a whole dream inside my head
And I don’t think you ever knew

Repeat chorus

And by now
I wish you knew
How many excuses
I’d always made for you
You’ll be dressed up in your suit and tie
And I’ve got dirt on my face
It’s strange but I won’t ever see
Frostproof the same

Repeat Chorus