Where the Road Runs (3:37)
From the album Halfway to Tennessee

Written and Performed by Kristen Barkuloo (ASCAP)
Publishing - Kristen Barkuloo Music (ASCAP)
Release Date - 7/21/2013
ISRC - QM-H7W-13-00009
Album UPC - 884501929653

Paper lanterns flying through the darkness
Shouldn’t have been captivated
But I couldn’t help it
I saw a lighthouse on the water
Tried reaching out
But it was so much harder

Someone led a moth to the flame
And I’ll try not to be drawn to you
Sitting there silently screaming your name
Cause I’ve found it’s better
Than being without you
And there’s miles between the way it should be
And where the road runs now

I tried so hard to let you let me in
And for a while I honestly thought that I did
But it ain’t easy diving into the deep end
When he’s already on an island

Repeat Chorus

But I swear there was a candle
Lit up against the sky
It made it just so easy
Guess that’s the reason why

Repeat Chorus