Seagull and the Sky (3:23)
From the album Halfway to Tennessee

Written and Performed by Kristen Barkuloo (ASCAP)
Publishing - Kristen Barkuloo Music (ASCAP)
Release Date - 7/21/2013
ISRC - QM-H7W-13-00010
Album UPC - 884501929653

All cards on the table now
There’s nothing more that I want to hide
You’re glowing like an ember now
But I once watched you in the firelight
And for a long time passing
I kept the perfect daydream alive
I got too caught up to realize
It was a beauty within our minds

Birds with wings
Aren’t meant to stay on the ground
So I’m asking you to fly
Pretty things in life
Shouldn’t be caged
Like the rain or the seagull and the sky

I should probably tell you
I usually keep my feet on the ground
But you never saw that side of me, did you?
You’ll recall I was always
So crazy with you around
It was a tendency I got into

Repeat Chorus

And I’ll watch from the window
As you fly away
Promise me you won’t listen
When I ask you to stay

Repeat Chorus