Runaway (A Little Earth and You) (3:45)
From the album Halfway to Tennessee

Written and Performed by Kristen Barkuloo (ASCAP)
Publishing - Kristen Barkuloo Music (ASCAP)
Release Date - 7/21/2013
ISRC - QM-H7W-13-00011
Album UPC - 884501929653

I’ve never been the one
To prefer a concrete canyon
Or taxi rides and city streets
I’ve found it’s harder to run free
So far away from the fields and breeze
But in a world far away from where you are
There’s that lonesome memory

If you want to run away
Past the city lights and road signs and interstate
We could find an open field in view
Drive through the dirt till it’s just us two
I would be just fine with a little earth and you

When was the last time you saw all the stars at night?
Must be so hard with those towers on the horizon
We could make good time if we start driving now
Pack your guitar and then head out
Find the bridge out of the city and keep on driving

Repeat Chorus

And, oh, you seem so grounded
But I bet there’s something reckless inside of you
Feet tied down to the ground
Scared to drive the back road’s muddy ground
But let’s see what one off-road pickup truck ride
Does for you

Repeat Chorus

And, baby, keep on driving
Cause I need you
I need a little earth and you

A little earth and you