Dancin' With the Blues
Baby, where you been?
I had dreams of you all night long
I can’t describe what you did to me
It’s driving me crazy

I don’t wanna be hurt no more
I don’t wanna be let down like before
This is a cold and lonely game
Nobody but you to blame

I’m dancing with the blues in my lonely room
My soul is dying and I’m tired of crying
I’m dancing with the blues

Slowly you moved out of my life,
and you left me here in the night
Now I have to learn to live without you, baby
‘til I find somebody new to hold me tight
I been down this road before
Don’t wanna go there anymore
This is my life. What am I gonna do?

I’m dancing with the blues in my lonely, lonely room
I’m losing my mind. I’m spending my time
just dancing with the blues

You promised to treat me better
and baby, I really that that you would
You are a mean mistreater, and you didn’t
mean me no good