Mariachi Waltz
Richard Smith – Guitar; Loren Bass; Shelby Eicher – Violin; Isaac Eicher - Mandolin
Running Time: 3:52
Tempo and Style: Acoustic Mariachi instrumental with guitar, fiddle, mandolin, and bass. Upbeat, great instrumentation.

Premise and Background: Mariachi music is a traditional folk music genre from Mexico. It was significantly influenced by European music, particularly by Austrian music, during the brief time when the Habsburgs governed Mexico. Emperor Maximilian arrived in Mexico in 1864, but was defeated by the forces under command of Benito Juarez. Maximilian was executed in 1867.

This is a Mariachi style waltz, harkening to the great waltzes for which Vienna was and still is famous.

This is the only instrumental song on the entire project.
Laurence Baer is a BMI songwriter. He owns exclusive rights to both the songwriting and publishing royalties of this song through L. Baer & Associates, LLC.