Let Her Roll
Well I guess I wore my welcome out

Back there in New Orleans

Taugh them gamblers how to sing the blues.

Well the guys were hot

I guess I got 'bout each round silver dollar

And a sportin' gal knows when to use her shoes


Let her run boys let her run

High ballin' straight to Memphis

Blowing smoke and burnin' up that coal

This town I'm leavin' in the dust

Lord knows ain't gonna miss it

Let her run boys let her roll

Well I guess I'm gonna get myself

A brand new shiny razor

Mines still back there on that barroom floor

That big old boy was gonna bust me up

So I just had to cut him

One things for sure is he won't cheat no more


When I make my way to Tennessee

Gonna find my way to Georgia

Back to where folks don't care what I done

Gonna shake my Daddy by the hand

Eat a pile of Mama's biscuits

Sweat this whiskey out in that Georgia sun

CH and tag