Soul of Many Moods (Jack in The Box)
Linda Felder, President of Many Moods Productions, never thought she'd be on the other side of the stage curtains. After 14 years of assisting rising stars, she finds herself center stage. Stranger is the fact that Robert Powell, V.P., is the master- mind behind the platinum slated track "Soul of Many Moods" (Jack in The Box). Accompanying Linda on this jazzy, soulful and inspirational track is the crew - Nu Essence (Shaquene Felder), an R&B/Hip-Hop artist that engineered the project along with A. Vessel (Alicia Murray), a Gospel Artist and concert pianist that co-authored Jack along with Robert Powell; Rafael Deleon, a Guitarist/Composer; Dennis McCalla, Bass player, Producer, Engineer, both of whom played on the track; Michael Robinson, a Vocalist that accompanied Linda, courtesy of the vocal group New Millennium. Linda wrote to the track and combination was a sweet simple hit song.

Linda Felders professional background is education, law, and administration. An entrepreneur from her youth she majored in Business Education in High School. She went on to complete course work at Brooklyn College, Medgar Evers College, and Fordham University In New York. She received her B.S. degree and graduated Summa Cum Laude, with honors for Excellence from Touro College.

Along side her partner, Linda runs the day-to-day operations of Many Moods Productions, while advising and developing talent, directing productions and recordings, conducting seminars and workshops, while holding down her day job - teaching for the New York City Special Schools & Programs.

Never pursuing a singing career, Linda worked behind the scenes, assisting the aspiring with their musical careers. Growing up around some pretty gifted singers and musicians, she developed an "ear" for talent and utilized it to build and brand Many Moods Productions.

The crew are all members of Many Moods, vocalists, musicians, producers, engineers and recording artists. They all have their individual projects in various stages, but all joined in on this project as it developed - the combination produced a song that is slated to someday become a classic, played on radio for years to come. The excitement continues to grow among Linda and crew as Soul of Many Moods makes its way around the globe, effecting and affecting people the world over.