While The Getting's Good
Like a stone I’ve heard ‘em say.
I only come to go away.
You can try to hold me down.
Tomorrow I won’t be around.

You tell me I was born to lose.
Hey, give me something I can use.
I don’t play those kinds of games.
I’m leaving town, ain’t taking names.

I can’t make you understand.
What I do, the way I am.
Tried to change, but never could
I’m getting mine while the getting’s good.

Who are you to say I’m wrong,
You ain’t the rock I’m standing on.
I ain’t got a thing to prove.
Cause you ain’t me and I ain’t you.

When I’m gone, say what you will,
If you’ve got so much time to kill.
You won’t see me wasting mine.
I’ll be somewhere down the line.