MY PLOW(Jan Buckingham/Jerry K Green)

She was in sundress lookin' like a hot mess old dog pantin' by her side
She was walkin' home from town stopped to look me up and down asked me could she have a ride
I could only stare as she tossed her pretty hair an’ said that's the biggest thing I've ever seen
When she smiled and licked her lips like she was really into it I hollered from my green machine

If you think my tractor’s sexy, you ought to see my plow
Step into the barn with me and I'll show it to you now
This John Deere's got hydraulic lift, it's pretty well endowed
But if you think my tractor's sexy you oughta see my plow

She said I'd love to see it maybe in a minute but first I'd like to take a ride
You make it look so easy I'll bet if you'd let me I could even learn to drive
So I said alrighty climb up here beside me you can take a turn at the wheel
As the day slipped away I was thinkin' what I'd say when we came in from the field


We got back to where we started as the sun began to set
I said Girl you've seen most of the farm but not the best part yet


TAG If you think my tractor's sexy you oughta see me plow

© 2014 Jan Buckingham & Jerry K Green
Duck House Music (BMI)/Song Center Music (BMI)