(Billy Large)

That Bend In The River leads to New Orleans
Where that big boat is going the River Queen
Carrying painted women gamblers with diamond rings
Going to the town of which I’ve always dreamed.

This run down farm where I am working
From sun up to sun down
I’ll never have the price of the ticket to take me
Down to New Orleans aboard that River Queen

That Bend In The River seems to say Poor Boy
Lay down that hoe and come with me
Pretty girls are waiting if you’ll follow your dreams
Come with me I’ll lead you in to New Orleans

I ain’t got nobody here to care about me
I’ll never have the price to ride that Queen
But my mind’s made up so by your banks I’ll be walking
Bend In The River lead me on to New Orleans

Bend In The River I’ll follow you to New Orleans.

© 2014 Song Center Music (BMI)