Looks Like Snow
This is actually the first Seasonal song I ever wrote where I was able to capture the that feel of some of the Christmas classics from the '30s and 40's. It came about when I was thinking back to my childhood home and remembering what it was like just before a big snowstorm. All we had at the time was a small transistor radio to listen for the weather. When our dad heard snow was coming he'd rush outside to made sure everything was put away, get the snow shovels out, and bring in some more firewood. Sometimes we did't get much notice.
My brothers, sister and I all all got very excited as we love the snow and there was always the chance school would be called off the next day. Those were truly wonderful times in my life and glad I was able to capture it in song.

Looks Like Snow
@Rick Lang - Haley Anna Music, BMI

Stephen Mougin - lead vocal
Pat Bergeson - electric guitar
Todd Parks - bass
Chris Brown - drums