Prepare A Place For Him
Prepare A Place For Him
@Rick Lang - Haley Anna Music, BMI

A long time ago, so they tell the story
On a…cold winters night when Joseph and Mary,
Knocked on the door but there was no room for them at the Inn.
So on they walked, down the streets of Bethlehem.

They stopped to rest in a cold dark stable,
They would keep on if only they were able
But…there was no choice for Mary's time was now at hand.
There they prepared a place for the great "I Am".

Then all the stars up in the sky shone down to give them light.
Their hearts were filled with joy when they first…. heard that Baby

Oh there He lay in a tiny wooden manger,
The New Born King and long awaited Salvation Of Man.
How Mary smiled as she wrapped her Boy in swaddling clothes.
The love she felt… only a mother could know.

The shepherds on the hillside watched as an Angel did appear.
To bear the message of His birth for all the world to hear.

Though time has passed how well we still remember,
When Christ was born on that cold December night.
The greatest gift ever sent down from the Heavens above.
Now once again we can prepare a place for Him in our hearts.
.... prepare a place for Him,
.... prepare a place for Him,
.... you can prepare a place for Him in your heart.