Where Was Baby Jesus Born
This one of the only Southern Gospel "call and response" numbers I've ever written. Seemed like a nice change of pace number for the Christmas album. Annie, who had not veered far from singing jazz numbers to this point, came up big time and shook the timbers belting out this one. The song really rocks.

One very unique thing about this album for me is that we used background singers on three of the songs (including this tune). It is a throwback to the old days, reminiscent of how they were used on Ray Charles recordings among others.
We were fortunate to get three phenomenal background vocalists for the project: Andrea Merritt, Scat Springs, and Vicki Hampton. They have all performed and recorded with some of the top names in the music industry and are "crazy good". They added so much to this album....I can't thank them enough!

Where Was Baby Jesus Born
@Rick Lang - Haley Anna Music, BMI

Annie Sellick - lead vocal
Scat Springs - harmony vocals
Vicki Hampton - harmony vocals
Andrea Merritt - harmony vocals
Joe Davidian - piano
Todd Parks - bass
Chris Brown - drums